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Current Students

Parent Handbook


Our Daily Schedule

8:30 am  -  Arrival and Table Time

9:00 am  -  Centres

9:45 am  -  Snack Time

10:00 am  -  Circle Time

10:20 am  -  Arts and Craft Time

10:40 am  -  Story and Songs

10:50 am  -  Gym Time


11:20 - 11:30 am  -  Free Play and Home Time

Miss Marie's 2022-23 Year at a Glance


For our first month of school, we are getting to know each other with our All About Me theme. We learn about our favourite things and talk about our families. We explore with our 5 Senses; seeing, hearing, touching, tasting, and smelling what is all around us. We get to know the classroom rules and routines, and we practise them so we can stay safe and happy at school!


In October, we continue learning about ourselves as we focus on Body Parts. Ghosts, skeletons, and scarecrows all help us learn the names of our body parts, as our classroom is filled with Halloween fun. We also focus on shapes, playing games to learn the names, sorting by shape, and drawing the shapes. 


November is Outer Space month at playschool! We learn our positional words (in, on, under, beside, etc.) as we explore with stars and planets. We also have colour days this month where we dress in the colour of the day and do everything in that colour! We start to learn how to print our names and we work hard on these letters, using lots of games and different materials to practise.


Our classroom is turned into a Winter Wonderland in December! We talk lots about the weather and the seasons, along with what kind of clothing is needed in each season. We do many holiday crafts, practising our scissor skills and our other fine motor skills. Arctic Animals come to visit the classroom and help us as we start printing our letters of the alphabet.


As we come back from Christmas break, January is our Dinosaur month! We do so many fun activities with dinosaurs and we really work on gross motor fun to get our energy out when the weather can sometimes keep us stuck inside. We learn how important physical activity is. We keep doing our letter practise and we also work on rhyming words. 


February is our month to focus on Friendship. We talk lots about what being a good friend means, as we prepare for Valentine’s Day. We practise our friendship skills and we learn about our emotions. We celebrate Family Day and all of our different families! We learn what diversity means.


In March, we have two exciting themes: Teddy Bears and St. Patrick’s Day. The teddy bears help us learn about patterns and matching. We do many green science experiments this month!


April is when we start learning to print our numbers. Our theme this month is Farming and we get lots of hands on experience as we hatch out chicks! We get to know the life cycle of chickens and how to care for live animals. We celebrate Easter and the Easter bunny leaves treats for the kids.


We test out our green thumbs in May doing some Gardening! We learn more life cycles, as we experience seeds turning into plants. We learn what questions are and how to ask them. 


As school wraps up in June, we end the year with a fun unit on the Underwater World. We test out many of the skills we’ve been learning throughout the year as we do a big, multistep project during class. We celebrate our accomplishments and get ready for summer!

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Preschool Fees & Ways to Pay

Questions about the fees or what you owe?  Contact the treasurer -


Yearly Fees

Due before the first day of classes.


Yearly fees:

Registration Fee - $50

Rec Centre Fee - $20

(one per family)

Fundraising Fee - $200

(reimbursed at the end of the school year if fundraising requirements are completed)


Monthly Fees

There's a new affordability grant that covers $75/month/child.


preschool fees are:

Yearly (preferred) - $1000

(after grant parents pay $250)

By Semester - $500

(after grant parents pay $125)

Monthly - $100

(after grant parents pay $25)



The Playschool accepts cheques.

Cheques can be made out to:

Hay Lakes Playschool

Cheques can be hand-delivered to the treasure at a parent meeting, or can be mailed to our PO Box:

Hay Lakes Playschool

PO Box 116

Hay Lakes, AB

T0B 1W0

For those paying monthly, post-dated cheques for the year are required.



Preschool fees can be sent by e-transfer to:

Please use the password: playschool

Yearly Calendar

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