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Hay Lakes and District Playschool Society

2024-2025 Registration Form

Child's Information

Parent/Guardian  #1  Information

Parent/Guardian  #2  Information

Guardianship Rights, Custody or Access Rights

Guardians of the student must be identified to ensure the rights of each party are respected. A child me be designated as "Protected" if a court has issued a protection order under the Child, Youth, and Family Enhancement Act, the Family Law Act, or the Young Offenders Act, or any Act that is a predecessor to or a substitute for any of the said Acts. If your child is subject to any such order or agreement, please indicate below and discuss the situation with the teacher, and a member of the executive board.

If an order exists affecting guardianship rights or custody or access rights, a copy of the order or agreement will be required for the student's record.

If this order affects communication regarding the student to anyone other than the first parent/guarding listed, please explain:

Emergency Contacts

IN CASE OF AN EMERGENCY: Emergency contacts will be contacted if both parents cannot be reached. It is important to ensure these contacts are reliable and in close proximity to the school if parents may not be available.

Emergency Contact #1

Emergency Contact #2

Authorization and Consents

In the event of an emergency, I hereby authorize that the teacher or educational assistant or attending parent(s) may give my child emergency first-aid treatment. I understand that the teacher will attempt to contact a parent using the emergency information I have provided in the event of an accident or illness. However, I agree that the teacher may request emergency medical care through 911 for my child at any time she deems it necessary. I accept responsibility for any costs that may be incurred.

I give consent for my child to be removed from the premises of Hay Lakes Playschool in the event of an emergency or necessary evacuation.

I authorize my child to participate in attending the Hay Lakes Library once a week by walking to the library.

I give permission for Hay Lakes Playschool to post inside the classroom and provide to the playschool members the full names of the children I have enrolled, as well as the full name and email address of myself and emergency contacts.

I give permission for my child to be photographed in scheduled playschool activities. Such photographs may be used by the cooperative for publicity or educational purposes. At no time will photos be used with identifying information beyond first name and age/class level in a public forum.

I give permission for my child to leave the premises of Hay Lakes Playschool for the purpose of community walks, in town field trips, and walking to the community playground.

I understand the philosophy and function of the playschool and as a member agree to pay the fees as outlined, participate in parent meetings, participate in fundraising, and field trips to maintain my co-operative preschool membership in good standing.

I have read and agree to adhere to the Hay Lakes Playschool Handbook and Policies.

Are you interested in being part of the Executive?

Alternate Person(s) who may drop off or pick up your child from Playschool

If this person is not known to the teacher, personal ID will be required before the student is released. It is important to notify the playschool teacher if anybody other than a parent will be picking up your child.

Child's Medical Information

Does your child have any health problems?
Are there any foods your child cannot eat?
Any vision, hearing or speech problems?
Are there any medications given regularly?

Getting to Know Your Child - from Miss Marie

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I'm excited about the new school year! I cannot wait to get to know your child and I would appreciate your help in this by filling out the questions below. This information will help me to make the transition into playschool a positive one for your child. Preschool is a time where your child will have a lot of development, and my goal is to become one of the people on your child's team; cheering them on and helping them along the way. Thank you, and I look forward to a great year!


Marie Stratuliak, Hay Lakes Playschool Teacher

Registration Fees

Please don't submit registration fees at this time. The treasurer will send out invoices for registrations fees at some point in the summer.

Thanks for registering!

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