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Our Staff


- Teacher -

Marie Stratuliak  aka  "Miss Marie"

Hi! I'm Marie Stratuliak. I am an Early Childhood Educator, currently taking my Level 3 courses online through Lakeland College. I am a mother, a volunteer, a teacher, a gardener, a farmer, a musician, and an advocate. I have lots of real life experience with special needs, as well as much training. Creating opportunities for the special needs children in our community is my greatest passion. Aside from teaching, I love farming and curling. Some of my favourite things include the colour purple, chai tea, kittens, and sheep. I do not like to cook and I'm not very good at drawing, but the preschool kids are helping me with that! I strive to provide trauma informed care and strengths based learning to the preschool children in our community. 

Kimberlee Hunter

- Educational Assistant -

My name is Kimberlee Hunter. I was born and raised in a town called Drayton Valley. My husband and I moved to Hay Lakes just over 3 years ago, we have 2 little ones, a boy and a girl. 

I love spending time with my family, tending to my indoor plants and cuddling with our cat and dogs while reading or watching a scary movie


- Educational Assistant -

Kim Hummel

- Educational Assistant -

Dinorah Eelhart


- Educational Assistant -

Sheena LaBine

My name is Sheena, I am a mother of two great kids and have a wonderful husband named Joel. My daughter Lyric is 14 and my son Sawyer is 7. We are always on the go, whether it be soccer, hockey, barrel racing or rodeos. We love spending time together doing the things we love to do!

- Educational Assistant -

Jamie Oszust

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